Who Are You When No One's Looking?


When you get that flirty text, are you representing your relationship?

We’ve all been there.

We’re just happily going about our day when suddenly, with no encouragement from us, we get a flirty text. Ah, but we just started dating someone or maybe you’re recently married and haven’t caught up with this person. You’re by yourself, no one watching over your shoulder…do you flirt back? How do you handle it?

How you receive the text or phone call says a lot about your commitment to your relationship. You may be a great partner when your loved one is around but who you are when they’re not around? I think that means the most and also dictates how prone you may be to an indiscretion.

Some may argue that they need to flirt with the opposite sex to not cheat and that they can keep it platonic but I think you’re playing with fire by keeping those flames going.

Just a few things to consider when in conversation with someone you have some chemistry with -

1.) Are you bringing up your partner at all in conversation? If not, slide in their name a few times to get the point across that you’re focused on your partner. Constantly bringing up their name casually will serve as a good boundary for the person who is flirting.

2.) For those of you that know me, know I tweet a lot and am always reading up on relationship tweets- I saw a great one that said “if your ex is still calling, it’s because they keep getting an answer…” – I wish I could remember the name of the person that tweeted it, but that makes sense. If you’re getting unwanted attention or you don’t know how to handle it (even if the person isn’t an ex)…nothing says I’m not interested like getting ignored. You can respond to other normal texts, but not answering will likely embarrass the person and cease further texts.

3.) If you’re truly committed to your partner, whether it be marriage or any other long term relationship, be open with it. If you’re on Facebook or any other social network, every once and awhile, post a picture, or say something nice about them. I know it sounds silly, but being “Facebook Official” is actually a good boundary for your friends to know.

I’ve talked to many people of the opposite sex to not find out they had a partner until I befriended them on Facebook or they mumbled it out weeks later. I think this is a huge show of character and not one I would brag about to anyone! There is no such need to mumble your commitment. If there is, maybe some time should be spent on determining if that relationship is for you. Be proud to date your partner and keep them along in spirit when they’re not around to keep a secure foundation for your relationship.

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