Kegels! Kegels! Time To Amp Up Your Orgasm

Kegels! Kegels! Time To Amp Up Your Orgasm

Do you know why doing your kegel excercises are important or how many you should be doing?

Now that sex education is becoming wide spread there is a lot of information being rolled around out there. This is wonderful but at the same time, is anyone using the information and are they getting what they need to know?

Kegel excerises are always been talked about but does anyone know why they are better? Do they know that men can do them too? Watch this quick video to make sure you know:

  • What Kegel exercises are
  • Why they amp up your orgasms
  • How many you should be doing a day
  • How to tell if you're doing them right
  • And most importantly, how to locate your PC muscle

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