John Mayer As The Next Bachelor?!


John Mayer notoriously known for being unavailable stars on Ellen to discuss The Bachelor.

John Mayer was a recent guest on Ellen discussing his surprising interest in The Bachelor. Being a fan of the show since the infamous two season contestant Brad Womack he said he wouldn't actually want to be the bachelor but rather meet the producers! 

He was spot on in saying that it's a "producers game" in that they have a very creative way of splicing the scenes and twisting words and actions.

I've always been a huge fan of John Mayer and so in honor of him opening up and getting back in the media I did a response video to his appearance and then provided 3 tips on becoming emotionally available.

John Mayer has a track record of being a heart breaker (most recent heart broken, Taylor Swift) and has taken a noted step out of media, deleting all of his tweets and so on. I think he may be ready to be the next bachelor if he has interest! 

Wouldn't that be neat to have a Celebrity Bachelor?! You're welcome ABC! I know George Clooney would be my first pick but I would be excited if John did it too! Wishful thinking! 

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