Getting The Most Emotional Intimacy Out Of Your Mate


Itching to find ways to get closer to your partner? Find out here!

1.) Turn off your phone. Seriously. Turn it off. How many times am I out when I witness two young lovebirds out to dinner sitting in silence because why?....They’re both busy on their phone! I am a big social media fan but when I am with friends or loved ones, I stash it away and focus on who I’m with. I hardly ever grab for my phone. This not only shows your mate you’re listening – which is a big turn on in itself but it’s also making them a priority. You may think that you are fully engaged in conversation but by steadily bouncing out of communication to check your phone, you are deteriorating your emotional connection.

2.) Ask them specific questions about their day. Every day we are approached by people asking us how are day is and we are all guilty (I know I’m guilty of this too!) of giving out a bland answer like “oh, great, thanks.” Am I right? Well don’t let the conversations you have with your loved ones be the same generic conversations you have with other people. Ask them if they accomplished anything, ask about new projects, follow up on previous comments they have made about work or play.

3.) Before you turn the light off, say thank you. I know at the end of the night you’re exhausted, but right before those lights go off – use that as your cue to say something nice to your mate, whether it be a text or before they get into bed. If you can’t think of something specific that you’d like to thank or appreciate about them, simple say “I’m glad you’re here.” Moments like this too easily pass us by and they are what keeps us going in our relationships when the hard times hit! Bulk up on nice things to say about your mate so you and they know they aren’t ever being taken for granted!

I hope these tips help you get closer to your mate emotionally. It’s a great thing when you have a good physical connection but an even better when you have both physical AND emotional!

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