Does Your Man Manscape?


How to let your man know you'd like him to trim!

Manscaping is the street term for male genital grooming if you're not familiar.

I have had a few women clients share with me how much they love oral sex but they hate it when their man gets lazy with keeping up hygiene down below!

I would hate to think of all the men missing out on great foreplay just because they got a little lazy and started slacking off with trims.

Now a days, it's almost unheard of for a woman not to trim or do the ever-so popular Brazilian waxings but it's a little bit of a double standard when we get to their honey spot only to find a jungle!

Of course there is room for error, you're busy, rushing, not even thinking about grooming but to let it go for so long is not cool.

Check out my response video to the question submitted to me: "How do I get my man to manscape without hurting his feelings?"...

If you're too embarrassed to talk to your hunny about this, have a friend pass it along!

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