Do Yourself A Favor...Get Over Your EX.


Still having lingering feelings for the ex? Maybe it's not time to date? Read here why!

Be honest.

Are you over your ex?

If not, and you’re trying to date…I strongly urge you to slow your roll before you try jumping into another relationship.

A lot of clients I see, are bundles of scattered emotions only because they didn’t take the time needed to heal and process their last experience. They in turn, take that bundle into their next relationship and with each relationship, the bundle becomes bigger and more deformed.

Being single helps you understand who you are.

In a relationship, it’s easy to lose yourself, bend and fold to a new normal. Don’t be scared to be alone. You won’t be single long once you’re ready for a healthy relationship.

I promise!

A healthy you – makes an attractive you!

Also, another perk of clearing out any old baggage before you pick up some new luggage is that you enter the relationship with more of an open heart – you won’t be knocking the new guy or gal for every flaw, you’ll be giving them an honest chance.

That’s something you deserve and that’s what the person you date deserves.


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