Could You Wait 182 Days For Sex?


How long do you wait before having sex?

That’s right – that’s six months. Could you hold out for that long?

It’s hard to imagine waiting six months when some relationships move to cohabitating in that amount of time!

Recent studies in Augusts issue of The Journal of Marriage & Family Therapy suggest that women who wait the 182 days reported higher levels of satisfaction, commitment, intimacy, emotional support, and sexual satisfaction in the resulting relationship. However, interestingly enough….men did not have the same results. Regardless of when they had sex they felt their relationships were just as strong and sexually satisfying.

My response, surprise to many is actually to side with the article. I don’t know if you have to wait six months but seriously, slow roll the intimacy.

Far too many times I’ve seen relationships bed early that think great sex = great relationship.

Spend time getting to know the person, and think about what it means to truly let someone inside of you! Your goods aren’t worthy of every guy or gal out there! Take some “genital pride” in your action!

When you take the time to get to know someone, it ups the importance and the sensation when you actually do get to that point. The better emotional intimacy you have before you jump into the physical intimacy – the less repair work you’ll have to do later…

For example, most couples I counsel jumped in the sack so early that they didn’t feel comfortable later saying what they really wanted…which means…they got into some pretty bad sexual habits later on, that…..lasted years and decades. They just assumed what the other person wanted! :(

I’m not saying you can’t back track the emotional intimacy because it’s what I help couples do all the time. However, I am sure there are many people out there in quiet desperation, not working with a Sex Coach. :(

It pays to wait, some girls say 3 dates, some people say 3 weeks, Steve Harvey says 3 months? What do you think? Comment below and find me on Twitter @jennatimetweets

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