Can Watching Pornography Really Help My Relationship?


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Clients are constantly asking me under lowered voices if Pornography can really help their relationship. Regardless of sex being used in advertisments all over the television, pornography is still getting a bad rap and is still considered taboo.

It’s unfortunate because watching pornography can totally help a relationship. When you watch it you are stimulating your sexuality. For people that tell me they just don’t feel sexual, I always reply back with – well, how often are you putting yourself in front of sexual matters?

Feeling sexual is something that doesn’t just come to women- it’s something they feed constantly. Whether it be with the highly coveted “50 Shades of Grey” or with the group of half naked men on The Bachelorette.

Watching pornography together can be a great activity to do with your mate because you’re bonding, you’re learning, and you’re nurturing your sexuality.

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