On Being Single - Jason Segel


When is enough...enough?

Being single is a funny thing. When you’re single, you want a relationship- sometimes and then when you get one - sometimes you think you can do better! Having high expectations and not wanting to settle is a good thing but when do you draw the line? When is enough….enough?

I saw a quote today Jason Segal told people about being single “I hit my 30’s and enough became enough, I put the puppets into a closet. I’m getting nice furniture.”

In an era where every 6 months we’re waiting on the next iPhone release and when we sit at a computer we have a minimum of six windows up at any given time- it’s hard to pay attention to one thing for a given time, let alone one person.

We also have the opportunity thanks to social media, to connect with thousands of interesting people – options are endless and we all have an incessant need for more, more, more. The grass has never looked greener.

The Golden Question: how can you make your relationship you have enough? It starts with you. You be interesting. You be enough for you. I had a client who told me he thought his wife was boring. I asked him “How are you interesting? What excitement do you add to your relationship?” He took a long pause and said….. “Oh…I see.” Yes. Think about that.

It’s wonderful to be driven and to seek the best but that obsessive personality may leave you permanently dissatisfied and alone. You don’t want to set yourself up for that, do you?!

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