Are You Sexually Anorexic?


Starving yourself from sex? Read on to learn more.

Sexual anorexia is not a term widely known around but if you are finding yourself in a mixed desire relationship where one partner has a higher sex drive than the other, the low desire mate can often be termed as a “sexual anorexic” which isn’t always true.

I’ve made a video with all the qualifications of:

- Defining what sexual anorexic is

- How they came to be

- The rationality they choose to stay sexually anorexic

To be brief though, a sexual anorexic is someone who starves themselves for various reasons from sex and has a judgmental attitude towards sexuality and other people’s sexuality.

If you’re low desire in your relationship, that doesn’t mean that you automatically are sexually anorexic. However, being sexually anorexic is a very real issue and needs to be addressed so if this does sound like you or someone you know, make sure they see a qualified sex coach or sex therapist. You can always go to www.aasect.com for a listing of professionals in your area.

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