Are You Prepared "Down There" For Dating?


To douche or not to douche, that is the question.

Dating is tough enough but getting to a point where you are well put together and ready to date is an entire different story.

Part of keeping yourself together is making sure you are healthy and when the time does come – you are ready for action, quite literally. Most women think that before sex, they need to douche or when they are dating that they need to douche on a regular basis for everything to “stay clean down there” however, this is not true.

Your Vagina is well equipped with its own natural cleaning system. In your vagina, there are are two types of bacteria, good bacteria and bad bacteria. When the time is right, your vagina will send it all down your vaginal canal which creates discharge.

When you take things upon yourself and douche, you insert a foreign object in your vagina and shoot all the bad and good bacteria back up your vagina, defeating all the hard work your vagina did to clean it out which can lead to major infections.

Does this make sense? Douching also messes up the natural Ph level of your vagina also creating a bit of shock which hello, why would you want to shock or change the natural environment of your vagina?

I made a video response for this, check it out here:


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