Am I Gay Because I Fantasize About Men?


The latest question submitted to me was by a man asking if he was gay for thinking of men?

Recently I had someone from my audience ask me if he was gay for fantasizing about men. When I get a questions submitted to me that I think will help other people, I automatically make a webisode for it so check out my response video:


I get this asked a lot by men and the fear and paranoia around it makes me so sad because there is still so much shame for many men dealing with these torn feelings.

During these times, it's never been more accepted to come out as a gay but that doesn't mean it's completely safe. I'm in LA so it's for sure widely accepted but in other parts of the country it's not. For more information about coming out, please check out: http://www.gaycenter.org/. There are plenty of resources for anyone who has any interest in exploring their sexuality further.

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