After Gym Sex?! Hot or Not?


Working out together as a couple is the best! You’re both doing what you enjoy, releasing endorphins, getting healthy, what could be better?!…Let me answer that- going home and having sex!


I have talked to so many clients and universally it seems men are a yes and women are a no – most of the time? Why? Well it’s simple, women are too caught up in not feeling sexy enough and worrying about their smell.

Men are usually a little more open-minded and some even feel like their woman is sexiest after the gym, all sweaty and freshly worked-out!

Keep an open mind. I know there are a lot of people who are sexual – but still working on their sensuality. Remember your sexuality is your drive, sex preference but your sensuality is the fine tuning, meaning you delve deep into what you like about sex through your five senses (sight, touch, taste, smell and hearing)!


For some, the smell of fresh sweat is a huge turn on. If this doesn’t happen to be you – don’t worry, you’re right along side many others but a lot of what I help couples do is to re-frame  how they see and think about their mate.

So instead of nixing the idea completely…try thinking about how swollen your mates muscles are, the warmth of their skin, and breathe them in…you may surprise yourself!

Most importantly, give yourself permission to allow yourself to go into your hot phase and truly enjoy it.

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