Venus Is Home Today And What Does That Mean To You?

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Venus just went back home to Taurus and learn how that affects you!

Venus, the planet that rules beauty, love, relationships, and material goods just went home in Taurus where it is super comfy. And, this is going to be affecting you in many ways. Yes, there is a good chance you will end up caving in to that sweet tooth or any type of craving, and you may have an urge to rack up your credit card bill. However, before you lose control, keep in mind that you will have regrets later on. But don't fear too much as tomorrow thoughtful Mercury will trine stern Saturn as that will be the thing to help you enjoy your pleasures in moderation. This way, you will realize by thinking ahead that the consequences won't be good before you have to learn that the hard way. Let's take a quick peek at how you will be affected personally by this Venus transit now:

First House - When Venus is transiting in the first house, you will have that strong urge to experience pleasures that range from caving into those cravings to romance. But at the same time, you will have the urge as well to enhance your physical beauty. This means you will be going to the salon quite a bit during this time frame, and even to the spa so you can show off your lovely nails and face after getting those refreshing facials. 

Second House - Venus transiting in the second house will also cause you to have a strong urge to give into those physical pleasures. However, at the same time, you'll begin to appreciate the little things. And you will even look into ways to bring in more financial security as well.  This means yes, you will be craving more chocolate and have the urge to do some shopping, but you will also have an appreciation for a nice sunny day and look for ways to earn some money or make money by selling possessions that you no longer need. 

Third House - Venus transiting in the third house will encourage you to read books that you will find pleasurable and exchange ideas with others, smoothing over differences, and mediating conflicts as well. Communication will be easier during this time. This may even also be a time when you will start to chat more with your siblings or neighbors since that involves the third house. 

Fourth House - Venus transiting in the fourth house will give you the urge to decorate your home, focus on your family, as well as look for ways to make money from home as well. Don't be surprised that even if you have a full-time job that you will want to look into offering some gigs online so you can make some cash from the comfort of your own home. 

Fifth House -  Venus transiting in the fifth house will cause you to feel more playful and will even spice up your romantic life quite a bit. You may even pick up a new hobby or two. Or perhaps all of that will happen at the same time thanks to the influence of Venus. 

Sixth House - Venus transiting in the sixth house can bring some romantic or social activities at work, however, be mindful of getting complacent and lazy on the job. Venus can soften things up a little too much in this house. This also means that your eating habits could get sloppy if you give in to those cravings too much which you very well could since Venus doesn't really do all that well in this house. 

Seventh House - Venus is naturally at home here like it is also in the second house. You will find that you will get plenty of attention from your partner, and you will give your partner plenty of it back. Also, you may end up finding a partner if you are single right now! If you are looking to develop a relationship, this is a good transit and you will want to really take advantage of it!

Eighth House -  When Venus transits in the Eighth house, you will end up with some kind of financial gain through investments or through a partner. You will also be urged to clear up any issues that you have with your partner that has been having a negative effect on your sex life, and even spice things up in the bedroom. When it comes to these private matters, this is a good transit so you will want to take excellent advantage of it. 

Ninth House -  When Venus goes into this house, you will have the urge to expand your horizons, and this could involve traveling to foreign countries, learning a new language, or studying something fascinating! Or if you are quite fortunate, you may actually end up doing all three of those things. 

Tenth House -  When Venus goes into this house, this is a good sign because you may end up getting a promotion, and you will do well with negotiating and anything that is business-related. This is a good transit as well for your reputation. With that said, if you are starting a business or expanding your existing business, this is the time to do that. 

Eleventh House - This transit will definitely help open up some new social circles for you, and you may join some clubs, and perhaps even help make your wishes come true, realistically that is. You may even find a cause that you will want to be more involved with as well during this transit if Venus is in this house. 

Twelfth House -  When Venus is in this house, you may not feel the benefits that Venus provides which will cause your love life to be stagnant, or you may end up in some secret love affair or making secret contracts. Just be cautious if that is the case. This may also signify a time of endings that need to come to an end which later on you will see that it was for the best if this is the case. 

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That sums up briefly how you will be affected by Venus entering Taurus on a personal level based on the house where it is entering. Enjoy those pleasures but keep it all in moderation!