The Uranus Sun Conjunction Is Getting Us To Leave Our Comfort Zone


Do you have the urge to do something out of character? You can thank the Uranus Sun conjunction.

Are you feeling the urge to do something out of character? That’s because there is a Sun conjunct Uranus in Taurus transit going on. Even though because the sign Taurus where the conjunction is taking place, the slowest sign of the zodiac, you aren't likely to go skydiving or bungee jumping. But you’ll be urged to leave your comfort zone in one way or another today.

The Sun represents you as a whole, and Uranus (no joking around please) represents anything that is out of character, unique, and innovative. Uranus represents the unexpected, and today the Sun is meeting up with this planet which means you are going to be urged to do something that you normally do not do. And you will be surprised that you actually had left your comfort zone when you are looking back on what you did today in a few days from now. 

For instance, if you have been resistant to working out but you have the urge to go to the gym today, then go for it.  You have all of a sudden been hit with the writing bug and you started to write a novel, which is something you had not planned on doing, then go for it. If you have been urged to bake a cake out of the blue, then bake it.  If you have been urged to go on a sudden road trip to just anywhere, then take it! If you are urged to dye your hair pink, then do it. That is all from the influence of this transit which will only last for a few days. Embrace it while you can! You can learn a lot during this brief transit. 

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