Saturn Is Now In Retrograde Which Means It Is Time To Get Serious

Zodiac, Self

Saturn is now in retrograde in Capricorn until September 18th. Do you know what that means? Like the meme says, this is a time to get your s**t together. No more monkey business and no more fun and games in areas of your life that need serious improvement. This is a time to practice some self-discipline and to start becoming more organized. If you deep down know that you need to get serious about soemthing in your life, then that is your intuition telling you that now is the time to start cleaning that issue up right now.

Are you tired of being so disorganized where you have items strewn all over your rooms? Are you tired of how you cannot keep important appointments? Then this is the time to start junking the stuff you don't need, go make use of your notes app so you can start scheduling in your appointments, and even hire an organizer to help you out. If you are not sure what area of your life that really needs improvement then go take a look at your natal chart and you will see which needs the most attention right now. 

What house in your chart is Saturn in retrograde transiting? That’s how you’ll know what area of your life needs serious improvement and work and that’s the area of your focus. Saturn is transiting in my first which means the rest of this weight will be gone by September as I only have 20 lbs to go. It’s quite stubborn since it’s the last bit (dropped 60). I need a new wardrobe too so I need to keep working on myself as a whole. That is my story. Now go and make the best use of these energies and make the improvements that you need to make in your life. 

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