5 Important Things People Don't Know About Parenting

1. Wanting to be a good parent doesn't make you a good parent. To be a good parent one needs knowledge about child development, ages and stages, what children need. One also needs great patience, compassion and the capacity to work very hard and sacrifice.

2. The gift that children need most, especially in their early years, is the gift of safety.  Children are born powerless, ignorant and terrified. They come into an utterly strange world where they can't speak, move or do anything to help themselves. They depend on their parents to make them feel safe. Parents need to learn how to do that.

3. The most important requirement for a healthy, jouous life is to possess a healthy self-esteem, an ego state where the person feels worthwhile, respected, good, lovable, entitled.There are many things parents can do to make that happen. Most parents don't know what they are.

4. Love is not enough. One can feel love for one's child and yet indulge in behavior that will cause the child to feel worthless, stupid, ugly and powerless.

5. Parents don't know that how they behave to each other, how they behave to their child, how they live their life will forever influence and determine how the child sees himself, people, the world and all his choices going forward.

In subsequent articles, I will explore all these issues more thoroughly and give more specific answers and ideas about how you can become a wonderful parent to your wonderful child.

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