7 Online Dating Sins: Are You Guilty?


Many women make mistakes online that only attracts sociopaths and losers. Does this sound like you?

7. Shame on You

Don’t put in your profile that “my friends made me do this,” “I don’t know what I’m doing here,” or that “I can’t believe I’m signing up for a dating site.”

You might feel ashamed that you’re on a dating site, but when you say this, you are indirectly calling every guy on the site a loser for using the site too.

Nothing will repel the good guys more than you acting judgmental and shaming them (plus, admitting that you’re desperate).

Maybe online dating was kind of weird back in 2002, but everyone is doing things online now. Just embrace the fact that you’re online and go in full-force.

Bonus Secret to a Great Online Profile:

Instead of making these mistakes, just pretend as if you are writing your profile for the perfect guy that you want to meet.

No lists of “shoulds” or “shouldn’ts.” Just write it as if it is a private letter to the kind of guy that you want to meet. Talk about the kinds of experiences that the two of you will have together as you get to know one another and form that relationship you are so eager to begin.

Don’t worry about the creeps, losers, and social degenerates.

Start doing this with your online dating profile and you won’t have to worry about emotionally unavailable men or sociopaths anymore, because you’ll be too busy writing your love story together with the man of your dreams.