8 Things Your Husband Wants (But Won't Ask You For)


THIS is what your hubbie really thinks.

Are you sick of asking him to pick up his dishes? Does he really only think about sex?

If you keep saying the same thing, why doesn't he listen until you're scream at him?

Here are 8 things your husband wants or thinks, but may not tell you:

1. Affection: Hold our hands, touch us, kiss our cheeks. Flirt with us.

2. Less Chatter: We want to listen to you, but it's a fact that our hearing shuts off after 6 minutes of chatting ... unless, it's about sports. Yes, selective hearing is a proven fact! Sorry, but you'll need to call God and let him know how peeved you are about this one.

3. Support And Believe In Us: It's our instinct to feel a need to protect and provide for the family. Reassure us that we are doing well and that you appreciate what we do.

4. 10 Minute Rule: When we get home, we need 10 minutes to ourselves—we're not trying to ignore you. We welcome you greeting us, but please wait to tell us about problems or needs until we have our decompression time.

5. Acceptance: Stop trying to change us. We will never be the same as you, and, truthfully, would you really want that? Focus on our positives.

6. Respect: Avoid the eye roll. Listen and be mindful of how you respond to me. A positive attitude is as important to me as it is to you.

7. Companionship: Be my cheerleader, lover and friend.

8. Sex: I know this can seem like a chore sometimes, but it's how I connect with you. If you consistently shut me down, I do take it personally, so make sure to communicate with me. Most importantly ... act like I'm the best lover ever!  

Fact: Studies show men think about sex every 7 seconds, That's 514 times per hour. It's brutal if you keep shutting me down!

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