How To Help Your Babysitter, Help You


You have a babysitter hired and are excited about your date night out, finally! But Wait! Read this.

You have a babysitter hired and are excited about your date night out, finally! Hair is done, make up looks good, your honey is smelling nice and you can almost taste your dinner at that fancy restaurant you have been craving. You see the babysitter at the door and are super eager to rush out before the kids even notice you left … not so fast!

There are a few things to do and say first and your babysitter is secretly hoping you will.

Babysitters would prefer you have them get to your house at least 45 minutes before you have to leave the home. During this time you can show your babysitter everything and not rush through details that are important to your babysitter but maybe not to you. By everything, I mean almost everything. Your babysitter wants you to show her/him your kids favorite foods, tell her/him about any allergies, how to work the TV and which shows your kids love, where the emergency contact list it, which toothpaste  they use, where their favorite blankie is hidden, when bed time is, you get the idea.

Another reason the babysitter should get there early is so the kids can meet her/him. Even better is if you have had your babysitter come once in advance when you are not going to be leaving, so she/he can spend some time with your entire family and learn about each child. This gives the kids a chance to know the babysitter with out worrying about you leaving.

Prep your child about where you will be going, when you will be leaving and when you will be back. This is simple, they want to know and deserve to.

Babysitters hate a house that has no rules or when kids try and take advantage of them because he/she doesn't know the rules. So, be clear with your babysitter and your kids about the rules as well as the consequences for them being broken. Your babysitter doesn't want to be the bad guy telling the kids not to jump on the couch like they do in gymnastics, if that is normally okay in your household. Yes, some people are okay with this.

Write everything down, it is not always easy to remember everything you say to him/her and a note really helps. If you have sloppy writing, type it out. Your babysitter doesn't want to call you to ask you what rule five says because he/she cannot read it. Your babysitter hates to interrupt you when you are out. They know you rarely get alone time and hate to disturb you. Keep reading ...

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