The 7 Best Reasons To Break Up

couple arguing
Love, Heartbreak

Some problems are small potatoes. Others are huge, honking dealbreakers.

6. You know you are getting less than you deserve. You think you deserve better but are worried about taking the risk of leaving the relationship. Many people in this position question their worth and at times don't feel like they deserve better, so maybe the best question is: do you want better? How often do you notice your partner giving as much as he/she receive? If the level of effort is extremely unbalanced and despite your requests for more, there is no change, it may be time to hit the road.

7. He/she is unwilling to compromise. It is your partner's way or no way. Are you dating someone  who takes the ball and goes home every time he/she doesn't get their way? Does your partner pout, lash out or shut down? Yikes! It is time to grow up and learn some give and take because compromise is the cornerstone for working together and building a healthy relationship.

No one is perfect. I am not suggesting there are flawless relationships but when you have put in effort and the other person is unwilling or unable to work on making changes, there comes a point when you really need to decide if the person is right for you. He/she can be amazing in many ways but if you don't feel happy, you have looked at your part in the dissatisfaction and the other person isn't willing to grow, it may be time to lose your lover. Life is far too short to be miserable!