5 Tips For Traveling With Teenagers

5 Tips For Traveling With Teenagers [EXPERT]

Are you planning a family vacation? Make it memorable with these tips!

4. Establish a spending budget. If you want to curb the "I wants" prior to ever leaving home, establishing a spending budget can be the trick. If your teen knows how much of the vacation fund is allotted to souvenirs and free spending, he or she will likely be more cautious about voicing her every request. Providing your teen ways to earn money prior to the trip or encouraging him to pick up small jobs, like babysitting or pet sitting, can help her ear her own vacation cash.

5. Set clear expectations. When teens don't know what the expectations are, they can't live up to them. Be clear about what you expect in terms of behavior, electronics use and the level of independence your teen will be given while away from home.

If you typically allow your teen to drive to the local mall while home, you'll want to let him know prior to leaving for vacation that you'll be doing all the driving on the trip. If you usually allow him unlimited access to his smart phone and other electronic gadgets, if you plan to change the rules you'll want to discuss them long before leaving for your trip.

Traveling with teens can certainly pose challenges, but doing so can also bring great rewards. Vacationing with your teen provides opportunities for adventure and exploration for the whole family. Help! My Kids Are Spoiled Brats

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