How To Choose Your Family's Nanny

How To Choose Your Family's Nanny [EXPERT]

"Beverly Hills Nannies", is a new ABC Family reality series, which made its debut on Wednesday, July 11 at 9/8 EST. If you've watched the first episode, Nanny Amber is rated on a scale of one to ten, by her potential employers, during her interview. These were:

1.  Personality. Dad gave her an 8 and mom gave her a 9.

2. Discipline. Dad gave her a 7 and mom gave her a 7, because she was late.

3. Friendliness. Both dad and mom gave her a generous 9.

4. Capability. Dad gave her a 7 and mom gave her a 9.

5. Cute appeal. Dad gave her a 6 and mom we don't know because the video cut out here.

If that's the top five criteria parents are using when evaluating their potential nanny, we have a real problem.

Nannies are childcare specialists who are employed by parents to provide high-quality, personalized and customized childcare. Nannies partner with parents to meet the children's physical, emotional, social and intellectual needs.

For years, nannies and those who educate, support and place them in homes with families, have been working to educate the public about the importance of quality in-home childcare. Since 1985, the International Nanny Association has been providing recommended practices for nannies and holding annual conferences to educate nannies and those within in the in-home childcare industry on how to do their jobs well. 10 Ways To Encourage Your Family To Eat Vegetables

When choosing a nanny for their children, indeed the nanny has to fit into the family dynamics and lifestyle, but more importantly, the nanny must be qualified to do the job well. Married With Kids? Try A Sexual Staycation

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