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What I'm excited about this week!

Over the years my clients have told me repeatedly that I should write a book.
My late husband, Al, said I had to write a book. My friends have encouraged
me to write a book. So, I've begun my writing process with an audio book
about marriage. It's not a big book, but it is a book. An e-book, to be specific,
along with an audio.

I've been working on this audio book all week so I could tell you about it today!
It's called "Making a Happier Marriage Today: Ten Secrets for Creating the Marriage of Your Dreams."

I'm offering it, along with the e-book, at an incredibly affordable price.
Here is the link where you can learn more: http://trueloverelationshipcoach.com/tentips.html

What's New?

I've been working on my audio project, getting my late husband's Toastmaster speeches together so that I can record them. I don't want his words of wisdom,
hope, and inspiration to remain sitting in my computer. I believe the world
needs Al Vasquez's message and I intend to bring it out, dust it off, and offer
that message to you very soon. I wrote about it recently and asked for your
comments. I did get some wonderful feedback, which I really appreciate.
That post is here: http://www.fromlosstoloveagain.com/2010/08/my-late-husbands-toastmaster-...

Upcoming events:

Free webinars are always recorded, so if you're signed up and cannot attend
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Weekly webinar where you can pick my brains about any relationship
question you can think of.
Ask Michelle Anything...about dating while shy.
Saturday, August 28
9:00am pacific/noon eastern
If you are not signed up already for this free weekly webinar about all things
relationships, sign up here: http://askmichelleanything.com.

Monthly webinar with Rev. Elaine Torrance-Gingrich
This month's topic:
Life after Loss...to date or not to date.
Tuesday, August 31
5:00pm pacific/8:00pm eastern
If you're not yet signed up for this fun and informative monthly webinar,
Sign up here: http://losstoloveagain.com

On Tuesday, September 7 I have a special guest, Kristine Castro.
She will be giving us a Conversational Tour of her
Everlasting Honeymoon Program.
If you are signed up to receive notices about the Ask Michelle Anything
webinars, you don't need to do a thing; I'll remind you. If not, sign up here.

I appreciate you, Michelle