Silent Treatment Spells Danger For Your Marriage

If you have been the target of this particular type of Deadly Habit, you know there is little you can do to make the person who started this "Silent Siege" talk to you. But you can take care of yourself. Remember, the only person who you can change is yourself.

Use the time to do some self-care. Spend time with friends and family. Take yourself to the movies, go to the library, walk in the park, write letters to friends, get plenty of rest, get a massage, take regular bubble baths, and so on. Get creative when you do your self-care.

Abusive behaviors thrive in silence, so if your friends or family ask how things are going or where your spouse is, you do not have to "tell all" but you can say, "Oh, my husband/wife isn't speaking to me." Remember that you are worthy of respect and although you probably want to scream at your spouse when s/he does this, maintain your self-respect and act civilly to her/him. This way you are modeling the respectful behavior that you desire in your marriage.

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