Dating Awareness: Is Hope Keeping You Stuck in a Bad Relationship?

Dating Awareness: Is Hope Keeping You Stuck in a Bad Relationship?

I have worked with too many singles who are so eager to be in a relationship that they do not take the time to understand what it takes to make a relationship last. Even worse, it pains me to hear my own friends say, "I just want to be in the middle of the relationship; I don't want to wait." Then they proceed to tell me, often with a sad expression, how they have met a man and have already begun a sexual relationship with him, despite some obvious problems that appeared within a few dates.

These friends often tell me, "I need to talk with you about this," but they rarely follow through. I want to help them, but I cannot force them to attend my webinars and workshops or work with me one on one. It breaks my heart to see them struggling repeatedly as they get into bad relationships with astonishing speed and stick around until they are reduced to a puddle of low self-confidence.

I can only stand by and watch while they "lather, rinse, repeat" the same destructive patterns. Don't get me wrong. I do offer them my services. I have free webinars several times a month called "Ask Michelle Anything." I have free reports and very reasonably priced workshops they could attend.

So why don't they take me up on my offer? It could be that they are convinced that the next time it will work out right. They still hope that if they keep trying they will find the man who sweeps them off their feet. Or worse, they hope that the semi-acceptable man with only a few glaring deal-breaking traits will somehow turn into prince charming. The scariest thing for me is that they are trying to convince themselves that somehow they can cope with a totally unacceptable relationship.

Hope is a wonderful thing. It keeps us going when times are tough. It gets us through difficult situations. But what happens with you hope in vain, but you don't realize it's a vain hope? When is hope keeping you a prisoner?

*If you are closing your eyes to more and more behaviors that go against your values, morals, or are even criminal
*If you are being abused in any way
*If you spend more time crying than enjoying your relationship
*If you are showing signs of depression or anxiety related to your relationship
*If you feel like you are being controlled by your partner

You may need extra help to get yourself out of this situation. Then again, you may find you are tired of being treated as "less than" and you're ready to get rid of him. If you have been in this situation and do not want to fall into the same trap again, I want to help!

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