Ask Michelle Anything: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Ask Michelle Anything: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Ask Michelle Anything is a regular webinar in which you can ask Michelle anything about relationships. They are held on Tuesday evenings and Saturday morning/early afternoon. The topic this time is about whether to continue a relationship.

This webinar was so fun, with so many great questions from wonderful participants, that we're doing an encore on Tuesday evening (Tuesday, November 16 · 5:00pm PST/8:00pm EST). Get your question in now to make sure I have time to answer it during the call.

You can sign up to attend at Even if you cannot attend live, you can still sign up and ask your question, then listen to the replay later.

*Maybe you are dating and wondering whether s/he is right for you.
*Maybe your long-term relationship has become unbearable.
*Maybe you have had some trauma that has changed your ability to cope with a difficult person in your life
*Maybe you just need some inspiration to keep working toward the right solution for you

Whatever is going on, ask your question! Sign up to get the call in/simulcast information here:

Michelle E. Vasquez, MS, LPC is a Relationship Coach in Huntington Beach, CA. with over 17 years experience working with both couples and singles, she has helped hundreds of people improve their relationships by asking them the hard questions that guide them to solve their problems in new and creative ways. Her passion is helping you create love that lasts a lifetime. Contact her at