7 Signs You May Have Met Your Soul Mate


How can you tell if someone is actually your soul mate? Here's what to look for.

Soul mate. For most of us, this term is filled with longing, and associated with romance, true love.

The idea that we have a “perfect mate” out there, a special someone who is our other half who will “complete us” is deeply embedded in our human consciousness. In fact, myths and legends about soul mates are nearly as old as time itself. If we believe, and embrace the concept of a soul mate, it means that we believe in something greater than ourselves, that there is an order and design to the universe. And, if we have a soul mate, it means that there is such a thing as destiny, and that love survives death. Therefore, the seeking of the soul mate is, in essence, the ultimate spiritual journey.

In my work with my clients over the years doing past life regression, I have discovered that soul mates are very real indeed. I have seen people recognize that their beloved spouse was with them hundreds or even thousands of years ago, in another time and place. Even though their bodies looked different, the essence of them and their soul remained the same. I have also watched my clients see someone in their past life that they did not recognize as someone that they knew from this life, yet felt an overwhelming sense of love and a deep longing for them. These are the soul mates that are still as yet unfound.

Whether you are single and dating or happily married for many years, most of you have probably wondered at one point if the person you are with is indeed “the one”. Now fortunately, given that there are 7.3 billion people living on earth right now, the good news is that there is no “one”. We have many soul mates out there that represent our different choices and our chosen paths in life. This is not a search for a needle in a haystack, as soul mates are naturally drawn to each other like magnets. There is no need to scour Facebook profile pictures or dating sites for hours and hours to search for your soul mate. You will have a chance meeting with your soul mate when the time is right. That is guaranteed. So, when that meeting does come, how will you recognize that this is indeed your soul mate?

Here are 7 signs that you may have met your soul mate:

1. They seem familiar.

I have heard many times of a soul mate encounter that involved one of them asking “do I know you from somewhere?” Your soul mate will seem familiar somehow, like you may have seen them before, maybe even in a dream. Many soul mate reunions involve déjà vu sensations, and an eerie feeling that you just simply know this person. Soul mates who have spent many past lives together, living and loving each other will innately know each other on a deep, soul level. And they will seem familiar to you because they are, just from a past life.

2. Your paths in life have crossed before.

Soul mates often have life stories that are similar or have strange “coincidences” in common. I have heard of soul mates that worked in the same office building and never met until 10 years later. Or, perhaps you both have frequented the same favorite restaurant for years and never met. Or, maybe you did meet before but for whatever reason the soul mate connection didn’t register because the timing was not right. I went to a wedding a few months ago of a soul mate couple that both went to high school with me, only they weren’t dating in high school and in fact barely knew each other. Years later they discovered their connection, which is obvious to everyone that it is loving, deep and has many spiritual dimensions to it. Soul mates travel similar paths in life, as their mutual life purposes are in alignment. So, chances are your soul mate has been close by, maybe even barely missing you, for many years before you meet.

3. You have random little things in common.

Although soul mates aren’t identical or the same (because that would be boring in a relationship!), they will often have random little things in common. This could include your love of spicy food, or they could like the same flavor of ice cream. Perhaps they love the same kind of music you do. One of my own soul mates fills the coffee pot every morning with water to exactly the 6-cup mark, just for him because he likes to toss out the coffee that has gotten cold at the bottom of the cup before refilling it, a neurotic habit that I have done in exactly the same way for years. When two soul mates get to know each other, you may hear a lot of “No way! Me too!” as they share who they are and what makes them tick.

4. It’s all in the eyes.

The old saying that “the eyes are the windows to the soul” is true. When you look into someone’s eyes, you peer into their immortal soul, so when you see the eyes of your soul mate you will feel a sense of calm, of peace. Of familiarity and of knowing. Through their eyes, you can feel your deep connection with this person on a soul-level. If you meet someone and can’t stop thinking about what their eyes look like, and how it makes you feel when you look into them, that person may be your soul mate.  

5.  …And the voice.

I have heard many stories of soul mates that first noticed each other from the sound of their voice. The human voice carries a resonance or a vibration that carries energy on it from a soul level. I have heard people tell me that they had heard their soul mate's voice before in a dream, calling them, and when they met that person recognized the sound. When you hear your soul mate speak, you may notice that their voice elicits an emotional response for you, or that it makes you feel a certain way when you hear it.

6. You seem to be able to pick up on what they are thinking or feeling.

Soul mates will often have a connection that seems almost telepathic. For example, if your soul mate is having a really bad day, you may suddenly feel an overwhelming need to call them. I have heard stories of accidents in which lives have been saved because a soul mate picked up on their lover’s distress, even a thousand miles away. Many soul mates over time will have a hard time discerning who is feeling what, as they will have an empathic ability with each other. This means that they may be able to actually feel the emotions and feelings of the other, as if they were their own. Although some people are naturally empathic and can do this with almost anyone, it will be stronger and more direct when it is with your soul mate. Soul mates are linked both psychically and energetically and can sense and feel each other, so if you are experiencing this with someone, they may be your soul mate.

7. You seem to have met for a reason.

This is a time of many soul mate reunions on earth. In fact, I have been told that there are more soul mates coming together now than ever before. This is because, quite simply, the world needs it. Soul mates reunite for a reason. This reason could be that one or both of them is at a crossroads in life and their soul mate represents a new path to be chosen and followed. Or, maybe the reason involves a lesson about love or self love that one or both need to learn. Soul mate reunions are about spiritual growth and evolution, as a soul mate relationship is a powerful mirror back to yourself and your own issues. No one will show you where you hide or where you need to grow like your soul mate. Soul mate reunions happen for the purpose of healing and bringing more love and light into the world. Most soul mates can feel from the very beginning that their union has a purpose; that they are meant to achieve something together in life that they could never do alone. If you can sense this about your partnership, you could very well have found your soul mate.

As I stated earlier, there isn’t just one soul mate out there for us. Finding our soul mate doesn’t involve fate, it involves destiny. And destiny happens by way of our choices and our free will. If you follow your own path in life and make choices based on love, truth, light, and service to humanity, you will encounter a soul mate that is also on that path. And then, your connection and subsequent relationship will vibrate on a very high level and will be based on those ideals.

The advice I always give my clients is rather than embarking on a long journey or search that will end with your finding the ultimate partner at some point in the future, it is important to stay present in your life and love the soul mate who is right in front of you. After all, you have met them for a reason. And that reason is love.