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Palm Beach Gardens FL 33410 - United States



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Life Coach, Mentor, Speaker/Presenter

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You have enormous healing potential; the goal is learning to access it. You can do this. Dig deep. I believe in you! ~Michele Rosenthal

About Michele Rosenthal

Have you ever felt like something happened to you and you’ve been dramatically changed by it? Have you ever felt lost, disconnected from yourself, others and the world? Does something from the past continue to linger in the present and make you feel fear, anxiety, grief, loss, depression, anger or panic? Do you ever feel that the future is just incredibly dark and bleak and you’re destined to live a life with a whole lot of misery? If you answered 'Yes!' to any of these questions tthen you and I are a lot alike!

Back when I was a kid a survived a trauma that was so horrific it changed me -- a lot. For a long time I tried to pretend it hadn’t happened. I tried to be brave and carry on (that’s what we’re supposed to do, right?), even while I developed horrible insomnia, frequent nightmares and couldn’t stop my mind from carrying with me a huge sense of foreboding and danger.

Years of this went by and I grew into an adult who had trouble developing a professional career, engaging in deep and meaningful relationships and building a life that made me feel freedom, joy, purpose and meaning.

And then I discovered I could live feeling much more calm, relaxed, safe, in control and full of happiness. How did I do it? The same way you can: Through strategizing and developing a healing process that allowed me to do three things: 1) conquer the past, 2) connect to the present, 3) create the future.

This whole process is outlined in my book, BEFORE THE WORLD INTRUDED, which was recently nominated for the BOOKS FOR A BETTER LIFE award. I’ve also shared them in media outlets like The Dennis Miller Show, CBS radio, The Palm Beach PostMy follow up book, YOUR LIFE AFTER TRAUMA: Practices for Constructing Post-Trauma Identity, will be available from W.W. Norton in 2014.

What are you going to do today to start transforming yourself from powerless to powerful? Building your own transformation begins with making a choice and taking an action. Join me at YourLifeAfterTrauma.com for helpful ideas, tips and articles about how to release the past, process posttraumatic stress and create a new future to rebuild you after trauma. Plus, you can access over 50 experts sharing suggestions for how to do all of that on my radio show, YOUR LIFE AFTER TRAUMA, which airs weekly and is full of downloadable archives.

Always remember this: You have enormous healing potential. The goal is learning to access it. Dig deep. You can do this. I believe in you!

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