Speak to Your Partner Regarding Your Sexual Desires


Asking for your true desires in the Bedroom can be tricky. Try these approaches.

Being brave and asking for what we want in the bedroom can be hard for some of us, but it can be oh so worth it!  And remember that asking for what you want doesn’t always mean you’ll get it, but not asking ensures that you won’t. This applies to most things, and absolutely extends into the bedroom.

Being brave and asking while naked increases your vulnerability, which at times can be great practice. But if you are new to this, broach the subject of whatever it is that you are wanting before you get naked.

Is there an approach that you’d like your lover to take? Is there a position you’d like to try? Is there a time or place that you’d like to try connecting sexually with your partner or lover? Talk about it over a meal. Go for a walk and say, “Hey, can we talk about connecting in the bedroom?" Or, "Hey can we talk about some things I'd like to try with you?"

Know that even if you ask, it might not be a good time for your partner. Honor that, and ask when it would be a good time. And then, notice if you feel more empowered just by asking.

This article was originally published at Yoni's Bliss. Reprinted with permission from the author.