Why Have A Life Coach?


What can a life coach do to bring you the happiness you deserve?

As my introduction to YourTango, I wanted to write something that reflected my view on Life Coaching. In my eyes, it's a 100 percent client-oriented approach to developing, driving and owning desired outcomes in life. It can work in its own right or dove-tailed with other modalities. 

A good life coach should possess:

  • Listening Skills
  • Questioning Skills
  • Objectivity

The client gains clarity through:

  • Identification of any type of barrier holding you back (self-held or external).
  • Identification of your strengths (skills, approaches, styles).
  • Identification of areas you want to develop (either in terms of the outcome you want or as phases of change along the way).
  • Focus on outcomes and actions that will deliver any aspect of what you want to improve or change.
  • Connection with core values, events and actions in your life. Understanding how they join up and make you who you are and more importantly what they mean in terms of why you want what you want.
  • Choices in how you approach your outcome. You will re-discover who or what is available to you.
  • Purpose because the dots join up.
  • Ownership because both short and long term gains are about how you connect with your desires, believe in them, choose what's relevant, discard what isn't, find the pace you know you can commit to and orchestrate it. You will never commit to someone else's plan or approach in the same way
  • Momentum because the steps are clearer, as small or as big as you want them to be with non-judgemental support throughout your coaching time.

 I "heart" my job :)

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