Let’s Talk About Sex

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Conversation with you partner leads to better sex.

While communication makes for healthier relationships, it can also take your sex life to new heights. Talking about sex with your partner, even for the chattiest of us, may seem difficult at first but this conversation will often lead to instantly better sex.

Express your feelings, likes and preferences clearly. Boyfriends, husbands and fiancés can’t read minds (though we all wish they could). If you want him to do something specific, tell him! Chances are there are some things he would like to try too. Telling him what you like and where to touch you will increase your pleasure, and his as well, because he knows he’s pleasing you.

This doesn’t mean you just have to talk in the bedroom. Send him a flirty text during the day and let him know what you have in mind. Just make sure you don’t catch him in the middle of a meeting! If you usually text him throughout the day, give him a call at lunch time. Hearing his voice will excite you and he won’t expect it.


In a long-lasting relationship, you’ll find that communication about sex not only enhances your sex life, but brings you closer to your partner as well. Sex is one of the most intimate parts of your relationship, so open the communication lines and see what a difference it will make