What Do Women Want? Not These 3 Types of Guys


There are certain traits of a man that ultimately gravitates a woman.

The world is full of wonder and, as a result, full of questions: Is there a God? What’s the meaning of life? Did the chicken come first, or was it the egg? What the heck is a shoe horn for?

While all of us, regardless of gender, find ourselves asking some questions, there are other queries pondered mainly by the male sex: Should the designated hitter be eliminated? Who will go down as the greatest quarterback of all time? Can a person survive on steak alone? And, of course, the most perplexing of all: What exactly do women want?

When it comes to the latter, there is no straight answer. In simple terms, different women want different things.

But, that doesn’t mean there aren’t certain traits that most women seek or – more accurately – most women run from.

In fact, there are some types of men known to repel women faster than a first date who has a farting contest with himself. These men include:

The One Upper

The One Upper is the person who does exactly what it sounds like: he one ups people. If a lady talks about how she wants to write a children’s book, he says he wants to write five. If she talks about how she once visited Paris, he talks about hiking through Europe…twice. If she talks about how she played soccer in high school, he says he was almost drafted by the MLB (but scouts were too intimidated by his talent!). 

The One Upper loses credibility with women for two reasons. First of all, he fails to listen to what they are really saying, instead acting as though he is just biding his time until it’s his turn to speak. Second of all, he invalidates whatever his date is saying by making his stuff seem so much grander.

What the One Upper never reveals, and this is obvious to women, is anything that makes him look less than awesome. This is a huge disservice to himself: women will be more impressed with a man who admits that he wasn’t always right or he wasn’t always suave than she will ever be by a man who only tells stories that make him out to be a hero.

The Zealot

Men are often zealous about many things: cars, sports, Pabst Blue Ribbon. While being ambitious is a good thing, being a Zealot about only one area in your life can be unattractive.

This is due to the Zealot’s tendency to evolve everything in their life around their one passion, whether this is their garage band, their rugby team, or their favorite video game. Thus, if something goes wrong with whatever the Zealot is zealous about, his entire outlook, personality, and mood are affected. Other activities, or topics, that do not involve whatever the Zealot covets, are simply of no interest to him.

If the Zealot’s interest is politics, the TV will be permanently fixed on CSPAN while the Zealot’s date never gets to change the channel to Lifetime. If the Zealot’s interest is classical music, he will only want to discuss things, and participate in activities, that involve classical music. And so on and so on.

Ultimately, the Zealot hurts himself by not balancing his passion and interests with the passion and interests of his partner...not to mention the rest of his life. No man, nor woman, can live on one passion alone. More than anything, no matter how many interests and passions a man possesses, he will gain the greatest ground when he is most zealous about the woman he’s dating.

The Chauvinist

Women who have a sense of humor probably won’t be put off by the occasional sexist joke, at least not when it’s all in good fun. But, there is quite a big difference between being the kind of guy who tells a sexist joke and the kind of guy who agrees with the punchline. 

The Chauvinist is the type of guy who – at his root – believes that men are the superior gender and he isn’t afraid to voice his opinion. He expects women to clean the house, he demands women to fix him his meals, and he balks at the notion of a woman having a career, at least one different from that of “housewife.” 

The Chauvinist makes a mistake with his pride: he is proud to be a man, which in itself is fine. However, he fails to treat women as peers, treating them as inferior instead. The vast majority of women won’t stand for this; they want a guy who is their equal half, not one who acts like he is their better half.

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