What Do Women Want?

The shocking answer gives you the key to finally getting the girl you’ve always wanted...

In the movie that has caused more women to fall in love with love than Cupid himself, (The Notebook) there’s a scene where Ryan Gosling asks Rachel McAdams:

“What do you want”

He asks her 5 or 6 times. And after 5 or 6 times her answer is:

“I have to go”

Hardly a straightforward answer, right?

And that’s the way it is fellas. Want to know what a woman wants? Here’s the answer:

She has no bloody clue.

Until she finds it. Then she’ll fight like an alley cat to keep it.

What does she want? She wants you to figure it out. She wants you to paint a vision for her life that she can see herself in. A vision that allows her to live her life fully, loving you and the adventure you are taking her on.

She doesn’t want you to ask her what she wants because for God’s sake, she doesn’t know. That’s why women make these ridiculous lists. You know:

I want a guy who is:

Makes me laugh
Has a lot of friends

And then fall in love with a guy who is moody, plays guitar and works as a barista at the local coffee house.

And that’s the beauty of love.

See, she thinks she wants the guy who has all the money, etc. etc. The guy who “looks good on paper.”

But a list of attributes on paper doesn’t move a woman’s soul. A list of characteristics, no matter how impressive, won’t make her swoon, won’t give her a story she can tell her friends, or make her heart burst with desire that can’t be fenced in.

Sure there are women that don’t give a damn about falling in love. But those women are the exception.

Most women grow up imagining falling in love, even role playing. Before I met Libby (who I fell in love with at first sight and would later become my wife), she grew up imagining she would fall in love with a “brown haired, brown eyed Brian”. She got too out of three.

Not bad ☺

So what do women want? They want you to figure it out. Paint a vision for your life. What are you passionate about? What can you give your life to? Where do you want to go?

Here’s a secret: the answer really doesn’t matter all that much. Sure, some women are more concerned about your bank account balance than your passion account balance, but again, those women are the exceptions.

The thing is a woman wants a man she can trust. A man who is stronger than her emotionally. A man who will stand for what he wants and be courageous. That makes her trust you. And then, surrender to you.

And as you know if you’ve seen The Notebook, when a woman surrenders to a man worthy of it, what follows is a life of love and beauty.

And by the way, it does no good to scoff that “it’s just a movie and that doesn’t happen in real life”. Of course it does. You or one of your friends has an aunt and uncle or mom and dad that have been married for 30+ years and still love each other. Yes, it's rare. And so are Ferraris, yachts and million dollar bank accoutns. Would you want a Ferrari? You get a movie like relationship the same way you get a Ferrari. Decide you want it, then do the work to get it. It’s just that the movie erased a lot of the work and showed us the good parts.

So we (you and me and everyone else who is living now) can have something to shoot for. And you know it’s something for you to shoot for if it moves you.

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