She's That Into You: Cracking the Code of Women


Women give off signals telling you how they feel.

If we all lived in a utopia, dating would be much easier. Rather than filled with games and things left unsaid, people would be upfront with their thoughts, letting people know they were into them with a simple: “Guess what? I’m into you.” However, as a species, humans are innately insecure, and that often prevents us from wearing our hearts on our sleeves. So, we show that we like each other through a sort of code. A code, it turns out, that isn’t all that difficult to crack.

For men, reading women can be particularly difficult: you just might have no idea what the female gender is thinking, like ever thinking. Yet, when a woman is into you, she gives off certain signs. These signals let you know that she is interested in you romantically.

Of course, all women are different: some may prefer to go the kindergarten route and profess their love simply by pulling your hair. But, in general, you can tell a woman is into you when:

She introduces you to her friends: Women, at least usually, care a great deal about their friends: heck, they can’t even bare to make a trip to the bathroom without them. Often, their friends are their confidants, their trusty side-kicks, and their shoulders to cry on. In other words, they don’t introduce them to just anybody. Instead, if a woman introduces you to her gal pals, it’s usually because she thinks you’re worth it.

She sleeps with you: Saying that men and women view sex differently is about as breaking news as saying swallowing a bottle of aspirin is bad for you. But, while men tend to sleep with a woman for nearly any reason (i.e., she’s breathing), women sleep with men they care about. Of course, there are exceptions to the rule: men don’t always have a monopoly on the whole “just wanting to get laid thing.” Still, when a woman lets you in (literally), chances are high that she has feelings for you.

She talks about the future: Some men are under the assumption that every woman talks about the future any chance she can get: “Can you pass the ketchup and what do you think about the name “Kieren” if we have a boy?” But, the truth remains that women tend to talk about the future only with men they like. If they don’t like you, they are far more likely to talk less about the future and more about whether or not the restaurant bathroom has a window they could fit through.

Your interests become her interests: Men and women can have many of the same interests; things like yoga, hiking, and cooking are becoming more and more uni-sex. But, there are still interests that are his and interests that are hers. While men are more likely to be into four-wheeling or taking a road trip to every baseball stadium in the US, women are more likely to be into book clubs or shopping. Still, when a woman likes you, she’s not only willing to put up with your interests; she’s also willing to make them her own.

She goes out of her way to see you: Men may be the ones with all the cheesy pickup lines, but women often have the cheesy moves. They do things like emailing you under the guise they need a recipe for raspberry pie or “accidentally” leaving their cashmere sweater at your apartment, knowing you’ll have to call them to return it. When a woman likes a man, she goes out of her way to see him, even if that involves "inadvertently" running into him at the grocery store, then the fish market, then the men’s section of the local Kohl’s.

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