If You Do These 5 Things, No Man Will EVER Be Good Enough For You

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5 Things You Do That Drive Men Away (And It's Why You're Still Single)

You're assuming EVERYONE is Mr. Wrong.

From the girl-next-door to the cougar on the prowl, women experience all kinds of problems in relationships. Some of these are minor — a toilet seat that is always up, whiskers in the sink, laundry put in the wrong door — and some of them are major: a partnership that has no communication, the inability to meet someone, and the failure to find love.

For many women, the biggest problems in relationships stem from finding a whole lot of Mr. Wrongs, and not enough — if any — Mr. Rights. Some Mr. Wrongs are clearly wrong because they’re rude, inconsiderate and play too many games. And some just don't have what a woman is looking for.

On the other hand, some Mr. Wrongs are labeled unfairly, deemed wrong merely because of a woman's ideals.

This leads to problems in relationships for the women because it causes them to miss out on guys that could be Mr. Rights, if only they were given the chance. In fact, there are five ways women make this common mistake:

1. Being too picky.

Perhaps the biggest error women make in regards to men is their pickiness. There's too much of it. They meet a guy they like but automatically think, "he has this, but doesn’t have this" or "I like this about him, but then there's this."

Being picky can be a good thing — you certainly don't need to date every man on the planet. But, being too picky can end up with you being alone. No one is perfect and waiting for that perfect mate pretty much assures you’ll wait forever.

2. Thinking too far into the future.

Another mistake women make is thinking into the future… on the very first date. There may be things you’re worried about. Maybe he travels a lot for work, he isn't sure he wants kids, he hopes to someday move to Canada — but these things shouldn't prevent you from seeing how your relationship plays out. Putting too much credence into the "what ifs" is a dangerous game — and a game for one.

3. Going on a single date.

Some first dates are last dates for a reason: the guy talked about his seven ex-wives or mentioned that he was once in jail for domestic violence. But, many first dates end up being last dates merely because the guy didn't wow you. The date was good, but not great. This is a mistake because men are often nervous on a first date and unable to be themselves.

Giving them a second date gives you a chance to get to know them. And, who knows, you might be presently surprised.

4. Looking for faults

During the initial phase of dating, some faults are unmistakable. But most are not — you kind of have to go looking for them.

One of the reasons problems in relationships arise is because of this initial search. A guy can be nice, good looking, and giving, but women still stop themselves from getting over his faults, regardless of how small they may be.

5. Going For The Bad Boy

It's not always true, but sometimes the stereotype does hold up: women ditch the nice guys and go for the bad boys, believing that they will indeed make them feel so good.

But bad boys are heartbreakers, and not likely to treat you as well as the nice guy. It’s simple, really: bad boys are bad for a reason.

Next time you go on a date, make sure you're present and enjoying the experience for what it is. Not everyone is going to be a winner, but you owe it to yourself to at least try. 

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