College Life: 5 Reasons To Live In The Dorms

Love, Family

Missing out on dorm life is just plain missing out.

Every fall, millions of college bound students leave the love and relationships of their hometown behind and venture off to college. Some stay relatively local, or at least close enough to fulfill their obligation of bringing home dirty laundry at least once a month. Others go out of state, or clear across the country, ditching the West Coast for the East.

And, while some students find housing off campus or choose to live with relatives, most find themselves allowed to experience the beauty that is communal bathrooms.

Yet, bodily functions aside, there are several reasons to live in the dorms your first year of college. And, turns out, most of these have to do with love and relationships.

Five reasons living off campus drools, while the college dorm rules:

1. The Dorms Cultivate True Friendship: At the root of love and relationships is friendship, something that most of us would be unable to live without. When it comes to higher learning, there is nothing quite as conducive to cultivating these friendships as dorm life. Ask anyone who went to college and they'll probably tell you that nearly all of their lasting school relationships have something to do with the dorms.

2. The Dorms are Co-Ed: 'Nuff said.

3. The Dorms Introduce You to Lots of People: Once upon a time, women went to college not for a BA or a BS, but for a Mrs. Degree. Those times may be a faint memory, yet that doesn't keep both boys and girls from hoping that they'll meet the one in between Geology lab and visits to the student union. The dorm is perfect for those looking for love and relationships — not only is it filled with people who are the same age, but it's also filled with people who innately have something in common (Go Spartans!).

4. The Dorms Make it Easy to Come Out of Your Shell: Even people who are shy can find their fair share of love and relationships in the Libby Halls of this world. This is because dorm life is very much what you make of it and you know that going in. Still, at the same time, the dorms also make it exceedingly easy to meet people. In fact, though college was some time ago for me (I won't say how long), one of my best friends to this day is someone I met merely because I loaned them a bottle of carpet cleaner.

5. The Dorms Teach Compromise: Many times, dorm life is very much a nonstop party, full of lots of laughs and antics, but they also teach you life lessons, lessons that are important to career, love, and relationships. One of the most integral lessons involves compromise: the dorms will teach you to make things work. They do this by making you wait your turn for the shower, by letting your roommate have the room when they've hung a not-at-all subtle tie from the doorknob and by forcing you to take turns sneaking in that six-pack of beer and risking the fallout if you get caught.

The dorms are a wonderful chance to experience all kinds of love and relationships. So, if you have a chance to live in them, be sure you do. You'll probably regret it if you let this experience simply pass you by.

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