7 Relationship Sins that Lead to Breakups


Look below to see if one of these 7 Sins led to your breakup. And, discover what to do to reverse it

Every relationship is different in terms of difficulties and joys. Some relationships have problems from the get go, others act as if they are constantly channeling June and Ward Cleaver. Yet, no matter how strong the foundation, no relationship is immune from the threat of a breakup (even that slut Skipper has been known to come between Ken and Barbie).

In fact, when it comes to relationships ending, there are certain reasons most common. Of course, there will always be the anomalies (“I had to break up with him because he propositioned my cat”), but, in general, most relationships end because of one of the following reasons:

People Break Up Because Of Communication Problems: A failure to communicate is like an arrow through Achilles’ heel: it’ll take you down almost every time. Being able to effectively communicate with your partner involves two parts: transmission and listening. If you are unable to do one (or both) working on your skills is the only way to repair a lost love and have any chance at getting an ex back.

People Break Up Because One Partner Commits Infidelity: For many, having a partner who is unfaithful is up there with having a partner who wants a sex change or one whose personal heroes are Kate and Jon Gosselin: in other words, it’s a deal breaker. This is why it’s important to be proactive and prevent affairs before they occur. Remember that affairs aren’t usually about sex or million dollar propositions from Robert Redford: rather, they are about missing something in your relationship. So, work on talking to each other about what you need: if you can do that, neither partner will be tempted to roam (not even for 1970’s Robert Redford). 

People Break Up Because They Want Different Things: You want to spend your life traveling the world, celebrating different cultures and daring your significant other to eat things like eel; your partner wants to establish roots somewhere, have a few kids, and frequent PTA meetings. If you have come to this giant fork in the road, you have to decide if love is really all you need or if the Beatles were just completely full of crap (we all don’t even live in a yellow submarine, liars).

People Break Up Because They Feel Sexually Incompatible: Sex might not seem like that big of a deal, but that’s only until you are in a relationship where you aren’t having any: then, it becomes all you think about. But, luckily, sexual compatibility can be worked on through practice (you’re welcome). The way you do this is to get in a routine where you have sex X number of times per week no matter what: even if you don’t feel like it, make yourself do it until you begin to look forward to the intimacy.

People Break Up Because Of One Partner’s Refusal To Get Rid Of Bad Habits: Smoking, gambling, drinking, insisting on watching “Bio Dome” for date night: all kinds of bad habits can end relationships simply because the other party gets fed up.  However, these kinds of things aren’t likely to ruin a relationship if you make sure your relationship is strong enough to begin with: when given the choice between you and Joe Camel, for instance, it’s likely that your partner will choose the right kind of hump.

People Break up Because They Aren’t Ready For A Relationship: “I’m just not ready for a relationship” is a common reason people give when breaking up (ultimately leading the other party to wonder, “Then why did you get in one to begin with?”). Yet, this reason is old and overused and deserves to be put to rest in the Excuse Graveyard, its headstone next to “it’s not you, it’s me” and “I’m just like super busy with having polio and stuff.” The truth is, most people are always ready for a relationship as long as it’s with the right person. If one partner feels unready to be in a relationship, it’s the relationship itself (and not the concept of a relationship) that has the problem.

People Breakup So They Can Have Crazy Makeup Sex: Well, no duh.

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