Just Dumped? How To Heal From A Broken Heart

Just Dumped? How To Heal From A Broken Heart [EXPERT]

Getting over your ex is simpler than you think.

Here are four ways to tell if you are still stuck on your ex-boyfriend: (1) You still think about him when you are with other people; (2) You cry and feel badly when you think about him with another person; (3) Everything you enjoy reminds you of him; (4) You continue to hope for reconciliation when he has made it clear that is not going to happen.

If you agreed to one or more of these surrogate markers for being stuck on your ex, chances are pretty good that you have not gotten over the divorce or breakup. Thankfully, getting unstuck starts with the awareness that you are stuck. Once recognized, becoming unstuck is simply a matter of developing a Positive Mental Attitude (PMA). Was Your Ex Literally The Worst? 5 Ways You Can Bounce Back And Move ON

We know that two people who are faced with the same stressful situations can react very differently. One may fall apart and become incapacitated by the challenges a divorce or a break-up presents while the other is calm, peaceful and open to starting again. New research demonstrates that the difference in reactions lies in prior conditioning and internal mental connections. In other words, attitudes can promote feeling insecure and stuck verses feeling ready, willing and able to move on. The Healthy Way To Get Over A Breakup

I made the same discovery in the course of my experience helping people take charge of their lives, health and careers, and what I discovered is this: Getting over your ex is the bridge that many people must cross in order to put the past behind them and move on to actualize their goals. The great news is that practicing Quantum Focusing is a creative and effective way to de-stress and set your-self free!

Cultivating a PMA and being mindful of what you are doing is behind all the guided self-directed exercises found in my book, How To Get Unstuck, co-written with Alan Barsky. We offer readers a guided self-empowerment program that teaches them how to relax, de-stress, recognize,  neutralize the beliefs, expectations and thoughts that stand between them and reaching their goals.

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