Women SHOULD Be In Charge Of The World!—It's About TIME


Women are MORE POWERFUL than they think!—Be feminine and STILL BE STRONG

I believe the masculine is most turned on by guiding the feminine into a death of unimaginable pleasure. Being present as she completely surrenders into the divine. Losing her mind … LiterallyLosing Her Mind into the exquisite, infinite unknown. Glowing as she is free of thoughts, free of time, space and existence.
I think the biggest illness we face today is the wounded masculine, who turns away from the divine feminine in shame. Turning towards lying, cheating and violence. Turning towards pornography, the sexual fantasy that he thinks he craves for and cannot be.
As he leaves, he suffers the taste of shitty fast food throughout his body. Unsatisfied, he looks for more. He can barely see that he is living a minuscule portion of the person he came here to be.

Today, this has been my most popular FB post. The first time I posted it, it was shared over 700 times—pretty impressive for a FB page with 400 followers at the time (it did grow quite dramatically as a result of this one post).

OK—lets get the death thing out of the way. I meant to use that word. It is a metaphor, referring to Le petite mort. And no, I’m not expressing the opinion that the masculine is turned on by killing the feminine. phew …

The question that sits with me is: WHY? What is it about this post? What makes it so appealing? The only answer that I can come up with is, "This is what many women and few men see." Unintentionally, my FB site is quite a bit more popular with women, and even more so if you simply look at interaction on my page.

So—what has this got to do with women leading the world?! By this I simply mean the feminine should have a much greater influence out there. Note—"The Feminine" is in all of us, [Please read my about section. I believe the feminine lives in all of us.]

Even with all the amazing advance in Equal rights, our society is (in my view) heavily dominated by the masculine. For men or women to be "successful" they are typically strongly in their masculine. Most women succeed by tapping into their masculine and adapting to a masculine designed, masculine built and masculine run system.

This has to end.

It is clear to me (and I believe the above post describes this) that a devastatingly wounded masculine is currently plundering many parts of this planet. The rise of the feminine has begun but the scales are yet to be balanced.

Without a balanced masculine/feminine leadership, I fear this planet’s days are numbered.

So lets bring her in. And keep bringing her in. Lets bring her in until our planet is cared for to the degree that we can be sure she is around and habitable for our grandchildren. Lets bring her in until there are no people starving on this planet, no wars, no genocide, no absurd imbalance between the rich and poor, no inequality between different sexes, races, sexual orientations.

Lets bring her in until there is equality, peace, and environmental stability.

This article was originally published at My blog page - www.realmanawake.com. Reprinted with permission from the author.