10 Sexy Real Man Awake Tips: How To Express Love To The Feminine

couple kiss

How to REALLY turn her on.

1) Lets get the obvious one out of the way: GO SLOW.

...until it's time to rock her world, then ravish her… but trust me. Take about an hour longer than you think you should to get there. Don’t head for home base before you’re even up to bat. Trust me, the build up is worth it.

2) Be your beautiful, loving, powerful SELF.

She fell in love with you so be that. Basically, don’t listen to any of the following baloney if it is not you. Find the version of this that is you.

3) Help her set up the space — or even just do it. 

This doesn’t have to be in the bedroom. Make it safe and private. Trust me, the soft candle light, silky textures, sensuous smells and soft music actually do make for a tasty journey into the wild blue yonder.

4) Basically dude, turn her on.

Read her poetry. Play her music. Cook her a meal. Bring her chocolate. Offer her fine wine. Bathe her. Give her a massage. 

5) Remember step 1… and spend some time looking into her eyes. 

I swear, this is actually my fave. Find her beauty. It took me some time to this figure out, but seriously go for it. Her eyes have brought me to tears many times. By the way if this happens  let them flow, man. Just stay in your power while you are allowing her beauty to engulf you. Actually, stay in your power always.

6) Be in charge.

Guide her. Be gentle, and unravel her. Learn about HER anatomy. Congrats, man! You found her pearl; keep exploring. There’s a whole body out there.

7) Tell her she is beautiful, divine, yummy, sexy.

Tell her about that mole you love, the curve in her hip, and the curl in her smile. Tell her how delicious she tastes, how divine she smells…don’t stop, keep going, keep noticing, keep telling her, and keep finding the beauty she emanates. It’s there; you just have to look. That’s what you fell in love with. The more you step into your power and see her beauty, the more you will see her shine.

8) Breathe.

Most of us guys have had challenges with coming too quickly. Slow down your breath, and take the energy up your spine and out of your cock. There are lots of books on this; read one. Delaying the grand finale is golden  for her and you. I’m not one for holding off for weeks, but if that's your thing, have at it. The more control you demonstrate, the hotter it gets.

9) I know, this is kind of a repeat of #2, but its important: BE AUTHENTIC.

Ya gotta do this AS YOU. Don’t act. BE YOU. Trust me, brother, she has a human bullshit detector of the highest precision. Inspiring her complete trust is an absolute necessity.

10) Presence.

Really this is a blog all on its own  or a book. Notice the details. Read her. Look for all the ways she communicates to you, and respond in your loving powerful way. Be present to her AND to you AND to what’s around both of you. Keep being present. Keep your eyes open, and pay attention to sounds, contractions and expansions. BE PRESENT.

This article was originally published at My blog page - www.realmanawake.com. Reprinted with permission from the author.