Top 3 most romantic getaways for this Valentine's Day!


We all want to do something exciting for Valentine's Day. It is the day dedicated to Love and the day we get the green light to feel special and appreciated by our mate. But sometimes, our day to day routine gets us stuck and it is hard to break out and get in touch with our creative sexy side.

The first things I suggest you do to start getting the juices going is to turn on some sexy music and start seeing yourself there. There are 3 places that come to mind and I think are condusive for the best romantic getaway on Valentine's Day. I remember an old boyfriend of mine took me skiing in Colorado once. He was so good at keeping the secret, he even got my boss at the time involved so I could get the day off. How sweet!

So here are my top 3:

1. I will start with the least obvious but the most fun and steamy one: the Bedroom. Yep, the bedroom can become the most romantic getaway for a couple. Whether it is in your home or at a hotel you can make it the sexiest, most sensual and fun pace to spead your special Valentine's Day. No going out necessary, if you know what I mean, wink wink. You can start by bringing in flowers with an aroma that turns you on, sprinkle the sheets and floors with rose petals, stock up on a few bottles of champagne and run a very warm bubble bath for both of you to soak in.....Ummmm, I see myself there already!

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