Stand Up and Stand Strong in any Relationship


Have you compromised yourself? Given up part of you for a relationship? There is another way.

Great lessons happen every day, it is up to use to recognize them and use them to raise our consciousness. Sometimes it is easier to see the lesson and other times it is tricky. Putting your foot down and demanding respect or a promise to be held are all ways one solidifies one’s roots and stands one’s ground.

I looked really hard for the lesson in an experience with an old boyfriend recently and it took me 2 days to really come to the acknowledgement of what the growth opportunity was for me.

I knew there was a reason and I also knew that the way it happened was perfect. The Universe is always in perfect order. So I concluded that, even though I was expecting things to happen a certain way thus setting myself up for disappointment if they didn’t happen, I was ok with the different result because I took a stand.

In reality, relationships with people never end and so we get to make the best of what they are while holding space for self-respect, fairness and Love. And in relationships the other person is not always at your same level, therefore through no fault of their own, can’t be expected to behave and act the same as you do. This was a lesson that conceptually I knew, but that I didn’t acknowledge until it was right in front of me. And then, only then, did I come to terms with the humanity in the other person and the acceptance of who they are right where they are.

Now, you still get to take a stand and advocate for yourself and fairness, because if you don’t you slowly chip at your confidence and self-esteem. Or you will compromise some really important parts of yourself.  We can’t allow outside circumstances and situations or people to define us and take over our thoughts. Always think like a master:

1. Experience your experience
2. Communicate your experience
3. Choose from your principles

In personal relationships especially, the above exercise is important to practice because it helps to stay grounded, communicate clearly and express one’s feelings and thoughts. I know, I know, sometimes the other person is just not open to listening or communicating and in this case just chose from your principles and you can never go wrong.

Standing your ground and standing for what you believe is right is an integral part of creating the life you want and the happiness you deserve. Because when we stand, strong, grounded, with hearts open miracles happen.