Speak Up and Tell Him the Truth!


Don't be afraid to be You and express yourself as you get to know someone. He wants to know!

Speak up, be courageous, use your words and have your voice heard! It is so much easier to just be quiet and keep it all in, but does is really serve you? Expressing yourself and having your voice herd is a right not often used. Saying what you actually think is a way to value who you are and what you stand for, so don't sell yourself short! Use your voice and be direct, with Love of course! 

This is especially true in realtionship.  When you first start dating someone it is imperative that you be truthful, authentic and up front, because if you are not, then they are not;  and don't you want to know?  Yes, I know, you do.  So if you do, he/she does too.  Just come out with it; what you want, your expectations, what turns you on and what doesn't.  Tell and be proud!

I have had the privilege of experiencing two different cultures and seeing the differences that they each bring. One difference that has stood out for me is the passive aggressiveness that exists in this country and the shying away from directedness. When I first moved to the US I was told I was too direct and too loud. People put me down and would even avoid me because they were too uncomfortable with my being direct. And in an effort to fit in I assimilated and adapted, not knowing I was doing a big disservice to myself. Yes, I was and I did because I shut my voice down for a long time in fear of rejection, abandonment and just plain judgment. As I found my voice again and I began speaking my truth I found that people really did want to hear me, they were looking for what being direct brings, but just didn’t know how to embrace it.

So now I say to you, don’t be afraid of being you, don’t be afraid of speaking your truth, don’t be afraid of what people will think, it is their stuff and if he/she doesn't get you right off the bat then it wasn't meant to be!  For real. That is how it works.

Let it go and just be, just be truthful, just be up front, just be authentic, just be YOU!