Patching Things Up


Learn how to effectively patch the holes in your relationship so there are no more tears or rips

Everyone has had a situation where they have had to rectify or patch things up with a friend, lover, brother/sister or parent. And when we talk about relationships it is all a question of Ego. Will someone let their guard down enough to let their Ego take a hike? We can compromise, negotiate and even give concessions, but what do you do when you have to patch things up in your business?

Is the Ego still a consideration? Well, yes, it always is. But if we take the Ego away then what?

With this new economy and new ways of doing business, people have had to shift the way they run their business and the way they handle and acquire new clients. This goes for designers, fabric makers, producers and any other business. So what if you looked at your business from a design standpoint. What if your business was a carefully cut pattern that needed to be sewn and patched in very specific places, but not in others and that needed attention in one area, but less in another. How would you handle this patching up? Like a relationship?

I feel there are 3 major keys to patching up your business or relationship, so that there are no rips, tears and holes. These keys will help any business or relationship hold together even through the tugs and pulls of a new economy or challenging time.

1. Desire and Passion for the work you are doing or partner you are with are essential. If there is no spark between you and your business or you and your mate it might be an indication it is time to move on.

2. The Right Target Market is a make it or break it deal. Ask yourself if you are targeting the right people and if you are not, what difference would it make to your bottom line if you did. I know, something to think about, right?  And with regards to relationships, are you targeting the right buttons in the other person.  Are you pushing the "Turn On" buttons or the 'Turn Off" ones?

3. A Demand for your Product. Is there a demand for your product and if so how much of a demand and who are your competitors? You must know what kind of competition you have out there so you can market your product differently and effectively.  Same goes for a relationship, is your partner demanding and wanting your attention and affection?  If the answer is no, he/she might not be the right partner for you.

If you are missing any of these, you have a hole in your fabric and you MUST patch it up before it gets bigger. Don’t worry, you can take one step at a time and make informed and conscious decisions along the way so you know your patchwork will stand the test of wear and tear and constant use. But take those steps.

Patching up the various facets of a business or a relationship requires determination and faith. Trust yourself and hold your vision strong. You will finish patching once you have all the pieces in place.