Look of Love: the 5 Dimensions


When you will read the word “look” you might automatically think “Style”, “Fashion Concept”, “Look Book” or even “Season”. Since this is the month dedicated to Love I thought I would give you a peak into Love’s Look Book and show you the 5 different “Looks of Love”.

Have you ever thought about Love in its many dimensions? I talk a lot about loving yourself and others and most of the time when we hear the word LOVE we think of romantic Love, or the Love we feel for our family. But did you know that Love has actually 5 dimensions? You can encounter Love in all areas of your life, not only in your romantic and family realm. I will explain more in detail, but first I want to ask you a question: Are you in Love? Yes, are you in Love…with your Life, your Space, your Business/Job, your Body, Yourself? If you answered YES to any of these you are on track for creating the life that you want, full of harmony and balance. If you answered NO to all of them, well, you have some work to do, but do not despair, you can do something about shifting any of those areas and start loving them now! In order to create great personal relationships one MUST master most of the 5 dimensions.

Let’s take a look at the 5 dimensions of Love:

Space: Being in love with the physical space you occupy can be tricky sometimes. Each phase of you life will have its own sets of challenges and the physical space around you will change as you do, but one thing should stay the same; your space should make you “feel good” when you are in it, when you come home or when you introduce it to new people. You should be proud of the way it looks, smells and feels. It is your haven, a place your body and mind can rest and recharge in make it look and feel good to you!

Self: This is the toughest dimension to master. Society teaches us that we should not love ourselves or it might be seen as “selfish” or “self centered”, but in reality until you truly love YOU, you cannot fully love another. So it all really starts with YOU. Loving who you are, loving the way you look, loving your body, loving all of you even the dark side and the imperfect side. It is ok to be you!

Business: Everyone who is successful in business today started out somewhere and many had humble beginnings. Many started out with nothing, but didn’t listen to the outside voices and saw beyond the mediocrity of those around them. They thought big and went for it no matter what. At the same time many feel stuck in the job or work they are doing because somewhere along the way they lost their passion and lost touch with what really makes them tick. Creating a romance with your business or job can be simple when you realize you are stuck. Reconnect with your desire and rekindle the flame in your business!

Life: We are here for a reason, and I believe one of them is to live life to the fullest, enjoy our experiences and contribute to someone else’s life for the better. If we can’t love the life we are leading, we cannot fulfill any of the above goals. When you go, you want to be completely used up, go for your dreams, do the things you enjoy and love every moment of it. Give yourself completely to life and in turn it will give in abundance back to you!

Romantic: Romance and Love are synonymous for many, and it is the dimension of love that most emphasis because it is the most misunderstood. When we speak about romantic love, we also have to integrate all the other dimensions too. We have to love ourselves so we can love our partner and we must love how and where we live, we must be happy about the work we do and feel good about the life we lead. If any of these dimensions is missing or imbalanced, the romantic love will have a hard time surviving without the support of the other dimensions. Think of a ladder, the steps above must be built on the steps below, because without them the ladder would crumble. And so romantic love must be built on a solid foundation of loving all areas of one’s life so one can be strong and powerful and any relationship.

So here is your “Love Look Book” ready for the runway that is your life. Use the book as often as you like and refer to it when you need to make a shift so you can create the life-style of your dreams….and Love it all!