Do you sometimes feel like you just don't feel like it? Is it ok to feel that way? What can you do?

I am so pooped! It has been a great week filled with many things accomplished and a lot of running around, so I am so happy a new week is about to start!

Sometimes we have so much on our plate, though we check off quite a few things, there are more that linger.  I also still have more to check off of my list from last week, some of them I have not felt like doing at all, and this constant state of overwhelm sometimes keeps us stagnant enough to trickle into our love life.

So I thought maybe I will write about how we sometimes just don't feel like it (even "doing it") and it is ok to feel that way. We get to give ourselves permission to slow down, take a breathe and bask in the accomplishments without feeling like we have to perform all the time (in the bedroom especially).

In thinking what I should feel about my "not feeling like it" this past week and paying very close attention to whether or not I was judging myself or admonishing myself for not getting everything accomplished on my To Do List, including you know what, I came up with a few ideas on how to get out of the funk.

If you too have experienced a stagnation in an area of your life, whether personal, sexual or business, maybe these 3 actions I used might work for you. They certainly helped me re-group and re-focus so I could stay on track and keep present to my work at hand and enjoy extra curricular activities.

First we start with the good old

1. Shock Treatment where you do something pretty drastic and different to shock you back into your groove. I have taken baths in the middle of the work day just to give myself some "me time" making me feel better so I could perform better at whatever it was that I was doing;

then we go to the

2. Mingling Among the Living exercise. This one is a must do for those of you who tend to stay plugged into your computer a lot especially onlline dating afficionatos where you make your home your virtual dating space you never leave it to actually meet those you are connecting with. Energy can get stuck and going outside and talking to strangers, engaging with another human being can often help your creative or action muscles really well;

finally we try the

3. God Plee when we start praying to God to give us an idea a sign for why you are feeling the way you are (I do that a lot, I just ask God to give me a sign, but not just any old sign a sign I can recognize as a sign, you know what I mean?). Here is where it gets really sticky, when you start praying, you know you are close to your breakthrough and the mere fact that you are praying makes you seek for a response which then generates resistance so what is important to do here is to push yourself and make a move or a decision even if it doesn't make sense, so you can unstick yourself and get in action.

This time I got unstuck by taking warm bath in the middle of the work day.

Ahhhh, just what I needed.

Be open, enjoy life, Love Always!