Arnold Pens Book; Maria Takes More Media Abuse

Arnold Pens Book; Maria Takes More Media Abuse [EXPERT]

Why Arnold Schwarzenegger should take a long walk off a short pier and leave Maria alone.

For whatever reason — perhaps because his oversized ego needed some stroking — Arnold Schwarzenegger has oozed his way back into the news.

With the help of his co-writer, he's penned a memoir called Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story, which, according to the Christian Science Monitor and other sources, is an exercise in empty grandiosity. Apparently, Arnold offers merely an insipid explanation, devoid of insight into his propensity for cheating on his wife, and opts instead only to recount his successes.

My problem with the book and his promotional appearance on 60 Minutes is that, once again, he's shining the spotlight on Maria Shriver and giving outsiders free rein to criticize her for staying married to the so-called "terminator" for as long as she did.

Unduobtedly, Ms. Shriver thought she and her children had already survived the worst remarks made about Arnold's affairs and her decision to stick around despite them. But no, Arnold had to put the whole mess front and center once again and 60 Minutes was more than happy to help.

They didn't even consult with Maria when they were creating the segment that might be best described as Lesley Stahl gushing all over Arnold. Had Maria interviewed him, it likely would have been a bit more hard-hitting.

Let's give Maria a pass this time. Call off the anti-Maria, "I don't have any sympathy for her; she knew he was a liar and cheat" barrage. The truth is that guys like Arnold are experts at crafting likeable public personas.

Each Arnold-type portrays himself as an uber-successful businessman (or athlete or politician) who is devoted to his wife and children. Each surrounds himself with lackeys who keep the fidelity façade intact even when the phony wears elastic-waist pants because they're faster than zippers.

It's not important that the image be accurate, but that it makes him seem like an all-around upstanding guy, model husband and devoted father.

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