5 Ways True Love Transforms You

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5 Ways True Love Transforms You

Does true love change everything? And if it does, what exactly does it change — for you and how you approach your relationship?

When I first began dating the man who would become my husband, Taurai, I had no idea of the lengths to which I would be transformed.

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I realized I was in love with him because of how patient I was to wait for him. I liked this man a lot and enjoyed how good I felt when I was with him — but I had no idea it was true love.

I’m sure you’re curious to see what other transformations being in love has changed for me and my marriage.

Here are 5 ways true love can transform and change you.

1. You have more patience.

Taurai was one of those men who take too long to do things. Add in the fact that he was conscientious, so he made sure he did his chores before he left home, which meant he was always late for our dates.

I would wait for him for almost two hours. Initially, I couldn’t understand why I kept waiting. Even though this triggered the issue of rejection inside me, I didn’t ever consider ending our relationship.

Eventually, I started getting ready later so that at least when we finally met, I wouldn’t be upset and spoil our time together. My patience grew.

This helped us to proceed where we got to learn more about each other and get even closer.

2. You realize exactly what true love is.

I used to believe that love was all fireworks and excitement all the time. When I found myself needing to find another husband because I didn’t feel the excitement anymore, I had to review what love really meant.

I learned that love is not what's shown in the movies.

It's waking up in the middle of the night to get socks for your wife because her feet are cold.

Cooking your husband a meal you don’t like because he loves it.

Staying up all night editing your wife’s thesis because she has a deadline.

Love is the actions you take to make the other’s life easier, better, and safer. Love is also the ability to receive and appreciate what your partner is doing for you instead of taking them for granted.

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3. You become more protective.

I never knew I could be a vicious mother hen! I found I couldn’t stand anyone who said anything that upset my partner.

I started having issues, even with his parents, because I felt they gave him a hard time. I had to learn to let him fight his own battles, because that's also a loving gesture.

My job is to be there for him when he feels embattled by the world. This was one of the most difficult transformations I had to make.

4. You trust yourself more.

One of the most astonishing transformations for me was how calm I was when Taurai was around me. It’s like my soul settled, and I could focus on growing. I began trusting myself more. 

I wanted to be the best I could ever be. I wanted to try new things. I was excited for the day. I found I had space and patience to love other people as well.

There was more room in my heart for nature and for others. I know that even if I make a mistake, it's not the end of the world. I don’t have to be perfect in order to be loved.

All I have to do is be myself.

5. You boost your creativity.

After a long time together, relationships need to be freshened up. Otherwise, they become very boring. I always wanted to surprise him and make him smile.

Until I tried, I had no idea I could be that creative. As you know, everyone changes all the time — what used to be great two years ago isn’t anymore.

This means I have to pay attention and learn as I go, who they're becoming as time moves forward.

True love transforms you in ways you can’t even imagine. It's only when you look back that you realize the impact loving someone has had on you. It should inspire you to be better, kinder, more generous, confident, and loving.

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