How Halloween Costumes Can Spice Up Your Sex Life

How Halloween Costumes Can Spice Up Your Sex Life [EXPERT]
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Does Halloween make you feel sexy? If it didn't before, it will now!

What are you going as this Halloween?

This time of year, many of us get excited about choosing a costume and wearing it. Why can this feel like such a confidence booster? And why do we still look forward to it so much?

Costumes give us a chance to literally try on a new personality. We walk differently, see the world though different eyes (or masks), we approach people differently — because of this we feel things more intensely. The novelty of playing a new role opens us up to feeling our body in a new way. Maybe being limited by an awkward coat of armor doesn't seem sexy on the surface, but if it allows us to be more aware of how we move and to think more creatively about interacting with the world, that can feel sexy.

Even within a giant pumpkin costume, you might be able to move with more freedom or stop worrying about looking stylish, which might open up a new way of being. Getting dressed or applying makeup causes us to look at ourselves with different criteria than we usually judge by and we may find something unexpected to like about ourselves. And most importantly, we interact with other people in new ways, shaking up old patterns that we have fallen into with each other.

Breaking out of our normal role brings a liveliness that feels good and can awaken our sexuality. Depending on the character you are trying on, you may be more playful, assertive, silly, confident, secretive or anything else. So, how can you bring that energy to your sex life without waiting for a holiday?

First, I invite you to remember that anything you can do in costume, you can do in the bedroom — so long as your partner is on board. Maybe you already use role play and/or costumes as a part of your sexual play. But even if that doesn't interest you, you can bring elements of a costume to your sexual self.

Use your costumed persona this year as a way to strengthen a part of yourself — play at being more powerful, practice being silly, move like a goddess, act as though you have the power to cast a spell on someone. As you allow these parts to come out one night, you can allow them to come out other nights as well. This isn't being fake or playing a part, it is expanding who you can be.

Sexuality thrives on novelty and risk. Don't reserve your risk-taking for one night of the year. Commit to trying out new sides of yourself and showing up in new ways with your partner more often. You may be surprised at how well the risk pays off!

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